A Week In High Tops! Monday: Disco Pony

Updated on Feb 05, 2012
paisley silk Disco Pony blazer - flea market hat - Zara leggings - asos wedges
Flea-market-hat-zara-leggings-paisley-silk-disco-pony-blazer-asos-wedges Paisley-silk-disco-pony-blazer-flea-market-hat-zara-leggings-asos-wedges Paisley-silk-disco-pony-blazer-flea-market-hat-zara-leggings-asos-wedges Paisley-silk-disco-pony-blazer-flea-market-hat-zara-leggings-asos-wedges
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MakeShiftModel 's Thoughts:

Well, my dedication to the art of hideously depressing pijama-style dressing has finally come to an end!!! HURAAH! (for now any way!) During this MAJOR lul in Disco Pony activity where all collection sampling has been halted, all orders put on hold, everything but paper work locked up in a dark prison awaiting the key that only the Chinese new year end dates hold- so it seems has been my ability to get dressed… until the fated day came that I wore an outfit so hideous to work, that even my beloved fiance, who lets pretty much any tragic hair/face/bum/outfit day pass without so much as an awkward side glance- said something… along the lines of “I don’t really notice how badly you dress these days… I guess I’ve gotten used to it!!!!” Granted, I had just caught sight of myself in a shop window reflection and asked how the hell he thinks it’s okay for me to leave the house like this!… I asked for that one!

I decided something, anything had to be done about my M.C Hammer pijama resembling outfit habits of late- so I did the unspeakable… I basically ran like a squatter (for I did resemble one- hmmm, how un pc am i being in saying this?!-quite… not enough to remove it however!) from a police raid to the nearest Zara!!! (If you follow the Disco Pony journey… you will know why that is an act deemed “unspeakable”!) However… I must say, when a girl stops designing for a few weeks, and in turn is no longer surrounded by an array of fabrics and potential wonder makers- Zara becomes quite enticing… I mean, everything is already MADE! It’s done! No tailor dramas, no trailing back and forth trying desperately to find that piece of fabric you took a swatch of that no longer exists even though it was the worlds most perfect shirt fabric, no long journeys over boarders, or squatting to pee in holes in the floor mid signing to the tailor that you will be right back… just an easy, peasy, nice clean(ish) shop full of clothes you didn’t design (or probably did- but that’s a whooole other story right!!!)
ANYWAY! Whilst I frantically searched to find something that would no longer make me feel like i’d been getting dressed out of an old dirty hippy cave in the mornings… I stumbled upon the perfect pair of trouser/legging/super tight high waisted beauties, equipped with buttons! YES!
So, naturally… I have worn nothing but aforementioned trouser things since that fated day- and so shall take you through my week of (said pants) whilst I pretend that I am not wearing them this week too… which I am… They have them in blue too… so next week can be round two- Sailor style… They come with zips also, if your more into the zipped up thigh thing… I am, but sadly don’t occupy the (skinny) hips one needs for zippy semi horizontal thighs… you’re not bored at all, are you!!?!! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu

Comments (10)

KL3igh on May 10
does anyone know where I can buy those tights online? they weren't in the store anymore and arent on zara's website
denisai on February 15
great photo
AleksandraRizovska on February 07
awesome ;)
vanushka on February 06
Love those leggings and the blazer is just gorgeous.
Mery_ivy on February 06
nice blazer !
allymazing on February 05
commonsenseandstilet on February 05
super cute :)
pure_win on February 05
i love those shorts !!!soo chic and feminine with the hat like that =) chic girly look, dear .. check mine too sometimes.. hope i can inspire you more =D xoxo
fashionluvr on February 05
very cute look - your pants are incredible
AimeeDelaCruz on February 05
wow great ensemble!!
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