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Updated on Jan 24, 2014
black Zara skirt - neutral Forever 21 shoes - neutral Chanel bag
Neutral-forever-21-shoes-neutral-chanel-bag-camel-31-phillip-lim-top Neutral-forever-21-shoes-neutral-chanel-bag-camel-31-phillip-lim-top Neutral-forever-21-shoes-neutral-chanel-bag-camel-31-phillip-lim-top
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Dominiquetiu 's Thoughts:

My state of mind is currently on a transitional phase. I’ve talked endlessly about “embracing changes” so I figured, why not make a go for it this time around?
I was always that person with big ideas–I’ve taken pride in that. I was the one teachers labeled as having limitless potential… but there was always a caveat to the statements because most of the time, I had zero initiative, willpower, and heart to execute.
A lot of people tell me that if I wanted something to happen, I could make it happen. It’s true too–if I put my heart into something, I always achieve the “end” that I desire 100% of the time. I’ve seen me in action and I know my capabilities so that’s not the problem.
Passion is my problem. In whatever that I do, I always lack passion. I’m like a horse, I’ve a one-track mind and so I can only be passionate over so little things–like: my love life, fashion, reading, and writing. If I had the same amount of passion for the other areas in my life then I’d probably be more wholesome and stellar.
So I’m doing just that. I’m trying to find Passion for everything… for life! I’m thankful with the way things are, with all the blessings coming in left and right but I need to want more so I can achieve more. I want to dream big! The world is my oyster. But of course, I’m well aware that it’s easier said than done so I’m putting things in motion right now hence being on “transition.”
So the first thing I’m trying to get acquainted with is… my imminent resignation. Yes, you read that right, and no, I won’t be repeating it or going in depth (not yet at least). I love my job, I love the people in it, but I need to change it up a little and that’s the truth. I also need a break. I’m 25 and I need to broaden my options–who knows what my true calling is? Maybe I’m destined to be an actress or a stock broker. Again, and repeat it with me this time: the world is my oyster.
Anyway, I’ve announced that already. I just need to formalize it soon. To commemorate my job though, here is a photo batch of what I wore to work recently.

To know more about the brands I'm wearing, visit my blog over here!

Comments (9)

mhais on May 11
looking dope
AuliaDita on January 29
I have to try this look.
Krossy on January 27
wow! cool outfit!
macarhon on January 24
nice outfit and i love the hair :)
KikiCharles on January 24
have those shoes in black .. i now need them in nude!
Opal on January 24
I love your beautiful blouse. Also, bravo for embracing life and all the wonders and opportunities! Best wishes in finding passion in everything you do!
WinnipegStyle on January 24
So pretty!
RosuIoana on January 24
bkgurl36 on January 24 via iPhone mobile device icon
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